Game Copyright

Use Dig My Way

FAQ answering questions about the rights to use Dig My Way.

How much does the game cost ?

Dig My Way is FREE and will remain free. You can download the last version of game on the download page for your device (Android, Linux, Mac OS X, Windows). But you can help the game grow faster by becoming a patron.

Is Dig My Way copyrighted ?

Yes, it is. All art images, musics and game code are copyrighted, and the exclusive property of Rex Nihilo. For any use of this content, please contact us.

Can I sell this video game ?

Absolutely not.

Can I distribute the game on my website ?

The game can not be distributed for profit, used by third parties on  website, social network, electronic or physical support without prior permission. You should email us if you are unsure.

Can I make walkthrough ?

Of course but misuse of the content for commercial purposes is not allowed. You should email us if you are unsure.

Can you help for my game project ?

Sorry. Due to lack of time we usually don’t accept to help for your game project unless it is a very interesting project.

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