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The Dig My Way development team is looking for new member.

Make a Video Game

Creating and developing a video game like Dig My Way is a hard job that takes a lot of time. But players and patrons are demanding and very impatient, and we understand them. So the game needs to be developed faster with a bigger team. This is also why we call on patrons.

Build a Team

Dig My Way is recruiting. We need graphic artists for locations, characters and animations, coders who know how to program functionalities and mini-games in Python language and more precisely with Ren’Py, musicians and sound designers, screenwriters to improve story and quests, authors to write articles, native English-speaking dialoguers and correctors, moderators for the forum and the website, webmasters knowing how to program in PHP to improve the functionality of the website, testers who can enrich the wiki, and anyone who can bring their expertise to this project. We are open. You are welcome.

Put your skills at the service of an ambitious project.

Get in Touch

Use this form only for career enquiries. If you want to get in touch on another topic about Dig My Way, use this standard contact form.

To better understand your request, explain your experience about game development, coding, design, etc. Don’t hesitate to give us examples or links. People all over the world are accepted. Women are welcome. Motivated beginners are accepted but only adults are accepted.

We are open to any proposal. For example, you can choose to become a permanent member of the team or choose to work for specific paid work.

A quick response will be sent for further contact.

    What are your skills ?

    Art & Characters DesignArt & Locations DesignArt & Sexy AnimationScreenwriting & DialogueNative English CorrectorRen'Py / Python CodingMusicians & Sound DesignersGame Tester & WaykipediaWebmaster & ModerationOther (to specify in the message)

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