Music Copyright

Use Dig My Way Music

FAQ answering questions about the rights to use Dig My Way's music tracks.

Is Dig My Way music copyrighted ?

Yes, it is. But we are open to any proposal.

Can I use Dig My Way images ?

If you want to use our game music tracks on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, your videos, your website or any other use, this is possible. Each request is considered individually on a case-by-case basis. This will depend on where and how the music is to be used. Please email us for all inquiries regarding using our music.

Can I release your music as part of my own song ?

A priori no. You may not use it as a backing track for your own song lyrics or adapt it to make your own song out of it. But you can get in touch to explain your project.

Can you compose original music for my project ?

Sorry. Due to lack of time we usually don’t accept to compose original music unless it is a very interesting project.

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