Image Copyright

Use Dig My Way Images

FAQ answering questions about the rights to use Dig My Way's images.

Are Dig My Way images copyrighted ?

Yes, they are. All art images displayed in this website and used in the video game are copyrighted, and the exclusive property of Rex Nihilo.

Can I use your image to post on my social network ?

You can use our game images on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, your blog, etc. But images of the game or the website can not be used or distributed for profit, used by third parties on electronic or printed products, or be entered into competitions without prior permission. You should email us if you are unsure.

Can I use your images as part of my own game ?

A priori no. You can’t use them for your own video game or adapt it to make your own video game. But you can get in touch to explain your project.

Can you compose original image for my project ?

Sorry. Due to lack of time we usually don’t accept to make an image unless it is a very interesting project.

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