• January 6, 2020
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Ryan Malarkey

Ryan Malarkey

Ryan Malarkey

Civil Status #

Ryan Denton Malarkey
18 years old

Address #

77, Springfield Road
Amity City, Virginia
United States of America

Appearance #

Ryan is a young boy.

Activities #

Goes to school
Plays guitar
Goes sometimes to the Mass

Biography #

When he was a kid, he wanted to have a horse.

Relationships #

He lives in a house with sister, mother, grandmother and stepfather.

Family #

Foster Malarkey : Family at home, his father
Ghislaine Gray : Family at home, his grandmother
Melinda Malarkey : Family at home, his mother
Shirley Malarkey : Family at home, his sister

Bryan : His cousin
Rachel : His cousin

Friends at start #

Jay Westwood : His best friend and neighbor

Music Friends #

Kurt Jordan : drummer, group member
Owen White : singer, group member
Sonia Caldwell : singer, group member
Zack Harris : bassist, group member

Girlfriends #

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Personality Trait #

Love #


Hate #


Fear #

Don’t be played

Secret #

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Storyline #

MC only has a classical guitar but he wants an electric guitar to play rock music.

Unlock #

Unlocked at start, it’s the main character of the game.


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